sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Wings on fire

 Night butterfliy - Schigolev Oleg

As she walks through the room,
every head turns,
here she is again,
coming back for more,
yet every time she hits that same 'ol wall,
before she even leaves the dance hall.
this angel's wings, on fire.
as she searches for her heart's one true desire.
as she grows older,
she begins to dance alone,
waiting and waiting for the thrill to fill that hole.
yet every night she hits that same 'ol wall
before she can even leave the dance hall
this angels wings, on fire
as she searches for her hearts one true desire.
maybe someday she will fill that hole,
but until then her tunnel vision's true.
but until the day she might just find a clue.

Josh Mckinney

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